Regions join efforts to rescue SMEs

Regions and cities from across Europe are joining a consortium to use innovative fintech solutions to accelerate the recovery and support vulnerable businesses in their communities. Regions from southern and western Europe are getting involved. Our consortium is looking for new partners in the Nordics and Eastern Europe, Scotland and Ireland.

Impact Multiplier increases impact recovery funds

The money from investments and recovery funds for the COVID economic crisis can do more for the broad community of SMEs if it circulates more rapidly and more often among local companies. Our Cyclos Fintech tools increase the number of times that money is earned and spent within regional economies.

Consumers care for hospitality sector

Restaurants, bars and tourist accommodation are extremely hard hit by the Corona-crisis.
Consumers can now buy digital voucher and spend it later: Get your beer or coffee in advance.

You have the power to support your favourite bars, cafes and restaurants, to keep them alive until you can go back to them.

Video pitch Impact Multiplier