European regions join efforts

Regions that join the Impact Multiplier consortium receive support for the implementation of the Impact Multiplier tool and share knowledge, experiences and best practices. The consortium also makes a joined effort to find funding for the start-up costs. The participating regions all have their own local partners.

A region first signs a Letter of Intent to indicate they are seriously interested. Next, regions and their partners participate in knowledge sharing sessions. Detailed information about the Impact Multiplier technology is shared and pre-conditions for a successful project are investigated and discussed. Once funding for the start-up costs is secured, the regions will have to make the final decision to start.
While cities and regions from the South and the West of Europe are connected to the Impact Multiplier, the consortium is still missing and welcomes regions from Scandinavian and Baltic countries, Eastern Europe, Ireland, and Scotland.

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The province of Easter Flanders joined the consortium. The local cooperative bank is interested to support the project and now is evaluating if it has the human resource capacity to do so.


In Normandy the Rollon has started and the network of participating SMEs is growing. The Rollon already uses the Cyclos technology that enables the Impact Multiplier and therefore this is a perfect starting point. The regional government of Normandy budgeted 1 million euro to reward consumers with a 5% premium to spend their euros in the Rollon network. This will bring no less than 21 million Normandic euros into circulation! Youngsters between the age of 19 and 26 receive a free account and a small budget to experience buying in the region. Watch this humorous presentation of the Rollon.


The Greek region Karditsa joined the consortium. Its development agency ANKA is contacting various cities and business organizations in Greece to make a joined introduction of the Impact Multiplier. Local cooperative banks show interest to help with the execution of the project.


Sardex (Sardinia) with an experienced team and a large network of SMEs is also using Cyclos software. Sardex is preparing the introduction of a regional payment facility together with some Italian regions. Once the payment systems are implemented, these regions can include the Impact Multiplier. A first test is underway with the government of the Sardinian city, Sassari.


Barcelona has a long-standing interest to test new ways of improving the local economy and signed the LOI of the Impact Multiplier consortium. SMEs in the city have been hurt unbelievable hard by the lock down.

Other cities and regions in Spain are interested to multiply the impact of their expenditures and might join soon.

Broad consortium of European Regions​

The consortium is convened by the Social Trade Organisation (STRO) and Alliance4Europe, and welcomes partnerships with local authorities, regional governments, business networks and civil society.

Interested to join? Please contact us! or download the project description made at the EUvsVirus Hackathon.

The Corazones Impact Multiplier consortium will exchange knowledge, experiences and best practices concerning to the use of the Impact Multiplier. The members will share information about preparation, implementation, evaluation and improvement of the tools available.

Consortium planning
The consortium will initially start with cities and regions that show serious interest. Knowledge sharing sessions with prospective partners will be held where detailed information about the Impact Multiplier technology will be shared. Pre-conditions needed to create a successful project will be investigated and discussed.. After that, a Memorandum of Understanding will be signed and an effort will be made to secure funding. Once funding is secured, a binding contract will be signed.

Update as of April 2020

  • In Normandy the Rollon has been initiated: a network of SMEs using accounts delivered by Cyclos software. Watch this humorous presentation of the Rollon.
  • Sardex (Sardinia) with an experienced team and a large network of SMEs using Cyclos software. Sardex developed an approach for Italian regions that could easily include the Impact Multiplier. A blockchain has been added to Cyclos in order to obtain more knowledge on the local circulation of the funding of the governments.
  • The Barcelona region has a long-standing interest to test new ways of improving the local economy and showed interest in joining the consortium.
  • Cles and Liverpool are introducing the Preston model in the Liverpool region, in which big local institutions make an effort to use local suppliers where possible. The Impact Multiplier fits this approach perfectly.
  • ANKA , the development agency of Karditsa, will be taking the lead for Thessaly region and Greece.

The above regions and cities are from the South and the West of Europe. The partnership still misses and welcomes regions from Scandinavian and Baltic countries, Eastern Europe, Ireland, and Scotland.